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Google “Jacksonville Advertising Agency.” 5ivecanons should be number one. Our award-winning work not only looks fantastic – it drives results.

The agency is called “five canons,” to serve as a reminder that our process is more important than our surnames. But it’s spelled “5ivecanons,” because of a clutch win at the end of a heated rock-paper-scissors battle. Both historical events led us to where we are today.

The graphic below depicts our five canons process. The video to the right highlights our work. Scroll down through the rest this page and learn more about our culture, the staff, and our digital footprint. Please scroll irresponsibly.

Our Culture

Our Team

Adam Schaffer

Creative Director | President

Adam is an international award-winning creative and one of the original founders of the agency. His vision and dedication has helped bring local and national acclaim to the agency for consumer engagement campaigns, tv spots and geo-social/mobile check-in promotions.

Brandon Clark

Director of Client Relations

Brandon came to us after 11 years in the large-format printing industry. His philosophy that creating long-term relationships are more important than short-term profits made him a perfect fit to head up our Client Development division. Brandon is a family man with two young daughters, an avid sports fan and soccer enthusiast, and a wannabe MMA fighter. He says you can always find him roaming the mean streets of Nocatee when he’s not changing diapers.

Nicole McKinnon

Art Director

Nicole, originally from Deltona, Florida, is a Flagler College graduate with a BA in Graphic Design. Nicole focuses on various design projects, managing social content, project management, and other medias such as photography. Her free time is spent drinking a large amount of coffee, watching Netflix with her cat Todd and traveling to far off lands.

Ashley Smith

Art Director | Photographer

Ashley is one of those sneaky nerds. She has tattoos, is artsy and loves menswear. Aside from that, she’s a Rugby playing, bike riding, puppy walking, book reading photographer/designer that loves the way veggie bacon tastes even though she’s not a vegetarian. When she’s not designing, she’s probably browsing around for other kick ass projects to be inspired by. Or, she’s playing Skyrim.

Alex Smith

Front-end Designer and Developer

Alex joined 5ivecanons with 7 years of experience in web design, coding, and development. As an avid Magic card player, he approaches all of our development needs with an initial Haste boost, and then swiftly defeats them with Deathtouch. And if you don‘t know what that means, then... don’t worry about it. Basically, he’s a web guru.

Josh Gellerstedt

Junior Media Producer

Joshua was born and raised in Jacksonville and is a college student currently enrolled at UNF. He joined the 5ivecanons team in hopes of learning more about the media production, and marketing business. He helps to create content and make social posts. In his spare time Josh enjoys playing sports, and video games, as well as eating baked goods.

Addie Wolff

Junior Creative

Addie recently joined 5ivecanons as a summer creative intern. Originally from the small town of Merritt Island, Addie is studying advertising & event management at the University of Florida. She has a background in sports marketing and hopes to expand her digital and creative knowledge with her time here at the agency. Cat-lover, avid reader, and baking fanatic, Addie is also a big crafter and can often be found attempting the latest DIY project, painting, or scrapbooking.

Edmund Dansart


Edmund is a Jacksonville native and prolific creative. He graduated University of North Florida with a BFA in Graphic Design. Edmund is a consultant focusing on social content, graphic design and illustration. Edmund enjoys comics, monster movies, and drawing robots.

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